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Site Updated: July 6, 2015

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japanese adult video = jav

Kaori Saejima

Kaori Saejima *new release*

Welcome to ActionJAV!

We offer the most detailed and exclusive online Japanese Adult Video (JAV) collection available anywhere in the world. Our feature rich website was designed by JAV fans for JAV fans and contains robust features like:


23319 JAV Movies . New releases added daily! All movies are cover to cover full length unedited features. Most films are high resolution DVD quality and are available in multiple streaming and downloadable formats. In addition, we provide comprehensive title information including personal reviews for many of the titles in our collection.


5149 JAV Actresses. Detailed actress information including profile, preview images and personal reviews.


210093 Images. Hardcore and softcore image collections of most major JAV actresses.


Fetish Film Finder 2.0. Exhaustive fetish classifications where you can find exactly what you want in seconds! No more sifting through thousands of movies looking for the perfect film.


Robust Infrastrucutre. 60 dedicated servers each with dedicated bandwidth. 52.3 TB of content providing 80578 hours of video! The collection is constantly growing with 10+ new movies being added each day.



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recently added movies


Aiku Sudoh in Demure Girl You Cannot Refuse

Demure Girl You Cannot Refuse

with Aiku Sudoh [須藤あいく]

Added: 07/06/15



Anri Hoshizaki in Hellish Thrusting

Hellish Thrusting

with Anri Hoshizaki [星崎アンリ]

Added: 07/06/15



Kurea Hasumi in Dont Cum in Anothers Wife

Dont Cum in Anothers Wife

with Kurea Hasumi [蓮実クレア]

Added: 07/06/15



Miku Abeno in Any Will Do for Crazy Libido Messenger

Any Will Do for Crazy Libido Messenger

with Miku Abeno [阿部乃みく]

& Sana Mizuhara [水原さな]

& Ayumi Takanashi [高梨あゆみ]

Added: 07/06/15



Mio Momose in Caught Roomate Playing with Boyfriend

Caught Roomate Playing with Boyfriend

with Mio Momose [百瀬みお]

& Satomi Nomiya [野宮さとみ]

& Yukina Ehara [絵原ゆきな]

& Anna Momoi [桃井アンナ]

Added: 07/06/15



Rio Ogawa in First Experience 4 Fucks

First Experience 4 Fucks

with Rio Ogawa [緒川りお]

Added: 07/06/15



Riria Himesaki in Friendship that Overcomes

Friendship that Overcomes

with Riria Himesaki [姫咲りりあ]

& Rui Saotome [早乙女ルイ]

& Tsubomi [つぼみ]

Added: 07/06/15



Sarii Aihara in St Alice Girls Academy

St Alice Girls Academy

with Sarii Aihara [藍原佐理衣]

Added: 07/06/15



Tsubomi in Sudden Sex on Tsubomis Day Off

Sudden Sex on Tsubomis Day Off

with Tsubomi [つぼみ]

Added: 07/06/15



Yui Hatano in Dogeza Lady

Dogeza Lady

with Yui Hatano [波多野結衣]

Added: 07/06/15



Miku Abeno in Mega Penis

Mega Penis

with Miku Abeno [阿部乃みく]

Added: 07/05/15



Mio Yamashiro in Horny Schoolgirls Find Porn Stash 3

Horny Schoolgirls Find Porn Stash 3

with Mio Yamashiro [山城美緒]

& Kana Mayazaki [宮崎かな]

& Amateur [素人]

Added: 07/05/15



Sumire Matsu in Miss Perfect Body VS Big Cock Muscle Man

Miss Perfect Body VS Big Cock Muscle Man

with Sumire Matsu [松すみれ]

Added: 07/05/15



Yui Hatano in W Cast

W Cast

with Yui Hatano [波多野結衣]

& Hibiki Otsuki [大槻ひびき]

Added: 07/05/15



Yuuka Kokoro in Fucked in Front of Husband

Fucked in Front of Husband

with Yuuka Kokoro [心有花]

Added: 07/05/15



Ayami Syunka in FUZOKU TOWER


with Ayami Syunka [あやみ旬果]

Added: 07/04/15



Ayana Ushio in New Mother Ultra Sensitive H Cup

New Mother Ultra Sensitive H Cup

with Ayana Ushio [潮絢那]

Added: 07/04/15



Eri Ouka in Insertion Story

Insertion Story

with Eri Ouka [桜花えり]

Added: 07/04/15



Kasumi Takeuchi in Summer Secret 2

Summer Secret 2

with Kasumi Takeuchi [竹内かすみ]

Added: 07/04/15



Megumi Haruka in Mega Penis 1

Mega Penis 1

with Megumi Haruka [遥めぐみ]

& Nao Aijima [相島奈央]

Added: 07/04/15



[more new movies...]



recently updated models



Number Of Films

Aiku Sudoh

86(E)-60-87 149T



Anna Momoi

88(F)-60-85 160T



Anri Hoshizaki

87(E)-59-88 167T



Ayumi Takanashi

83(D)-57-85 157T



Kurea Hasumi

85(F)-57-87 158T



Miku Abeno

80(C)-60-83 155T



Mio Momose

85(C)-57-86 151T



Rio Ogawa

86(E)-58-83 155T



Riria Himesaki

90-57-85 157T



Rui Saotome

85(D)-57-82 153T



Sana Mizuhara

86(C)-62-85 153T



Sarii Aihara



Satomi Nomiya

86(F)-57-88 160T




83(D)-58-85 160T



Yui Hatano

88(E)-59-85 163T



Yukina Ehara

86(E)-58-85 154T






Hibiki Otsuki

88(E)-57-85 162T



Kana Mayazaki

82(D)-60-84 153T



Mio Yamashiro

80(C)-60-80 155T



[more new and updated models...]



weekly awards

Riona Suzune in Big 50cm Penis Ejaculation Special

Big Fake Cock of the Week: Big 50cm Penis Ejaculation Special with Riona Suzune ... They don't even try concealing that this European dude's cock is a fake, but it's pretty fun watching Riona enjoy playing with it!

Big Real Cock of the Week: Mega Penis 1 with Megumi Haruka and Nao Aijima ... I'm not sure how much experience these girls have sucking big black dick, but they sure can take a pounding from these monstrous members!

Megumi Haruka in Mega Penis 1

Mika Osawa in M Semen Trance

Cum Slut of the Week: M Semen Trance with Mika Osawa ... For a movie all about facials, the legendary Mika Osawa sure does put on an impressive sexual performance. Her pussy's hungry for cock just as much as her mouth is for semen!

Lesbians of the Week: Lesbian Double Cast 2 with Momoka Nishina and Sae Aihara ... These two megastars really make this lesbian flisk enjoyable, even if it's all pretty straightforward. There are no special 'hooks', but just some fantastic playful and passionate girl on girl action. What stood out to me was the amount of quality oral!

Momoka Nishina in Lesbian Double Cast 2

Moe Tsukina in Rookie Erotic Idol G Cup

One Hit Wonder of the Week: Rookie Erotic Idol G Cup with Moe Tsukina ... Previously a gravure idol, Moe took the plunge with S1, filming a 3 hour debut - and promptly retired. She has an amazing rack and seemed to have a good time, so it's a real shame she left the game so soon!


featured movies

Amateur in The SOD Company Guide

Mari Ebikawa in Furious Orgasm Enforcement 28

Maho Sawa in Exciting Nude School Athletic Meet

The SOD Company Guide with Amateur


Silly SOD Office of the Week awarded the week of 2015-06-24. The idea here is new SOD office ladies are shown their responsibilities. This goes way beyond taking memos, and some need to be seen to be believed!


Furious Orgasm Enforcement 28 with Mari Ebikawa


Cum Contraptions of the Week awarded the week of 2015-06-24. I love those big mechanical pumping dildo machines, and Mari gets treated to a hell of a string of orgasms thanks to this contraption! At first she takes a look at it, clearly not sure what she's gotten herself into, but after a while she's loving the enormous cum waves!


Exciting Nude School Athletic Meet with Maho Sawa


Silly SOD Sports of the Week awarded the week of 2015-06-24. This one's all about sexual 'athletic' competitions. One event is sharing a double-ended dildo with your partner, and racing on hands and knees to beat another team. You can't make this shit up!




featured models

Yuna Mizumoto


Yuna Mizumoto

Yuna has a beautiful body, and she uses it to get her partners up and satisfied. Her pretty face and incredible body really are hard to resist.



Megumi Haruka


Megumi Haruka

Megumi Haruka has caused quite a stir since her recent debut in the JAV world. Gorgeous and ambitious, two great qualities to rise to the top of JAV queendom.



Sumire Matsu


Sumire Matsu

'BLACK GALS' all have the reputation for being 'fun', and Sumire fit the bill even long before changing her look!






Though innocent and naive looking, wherever Tsubomi is, there is hardcore.



Mika Osawa


Mika Osawa

This sex-hungry vixen has a smile that could melt your heart. Don't be fooled!






fetish film finder 2.0

type of sex:

 exhibitionism and voyeurism


 gangbang, reverse

 group sex



 masturbation, self(onanii)

 nature sex

 public sex

 threesome, mmf

 threesome, ffm



 anal play(anaru)

 ass licking

 blow job(fera)

 dancing and striptease

 double penetration(futa-ana)

 hand job

 finger fucking

 food play

 foot play(ashifechi)

 joint fucking(wakifechi)

 pussy eating

 soap play(soopufechi)

 titty fucking(paizuri)


hardcore activities:

 chair confinement


 rough sex

 rope play

 wax dripping


hardcore props:

 mouth gag


 slave cage


breast related:

 big breasts

 breast play(oppaifechi)

 breast squirting

 small breasts


pussy related:

 pussy cover

 pussy shaving(manko teimou)

 pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 shaved pussy(paipan)


orgasm related:

 ass cumshot

 belly cumshot

 breast cumshot

 cum swallowing(gokkun)

 cum swapping


 foot cumshot

 internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 leg cumshot

 sperm play

 sperm shower(bukkake)





 gynecology tool

 hidden vibe


 oil and jelly

 sex toys

 strap on



 hidden cam


 pick up(nanpa)


 story based



girl type:














 business woman

 cheer leader





 house wife






 office lady(oh-el)


 race queen(reesu kuiin)

 school girl(gakuseifuku)






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