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 The Semen Tank Loving

 with Hikari HinoRio Hamazaki




Nobody does fetish sex films as stylishly as the Japanese and this is film is a great example why JAV rules in this genre. Both Rio and Hikari have fantastic tits and revel in the overall craziness of a movie that includes massive oversized fake cocks that spurt clear jelly everywhere and scenes that include the girls literally fucking themselves with their own cocks while dressed in kinky costumes including baby doll and schoolgirl. The scene where the girls worship a giant phallus which rises from a bouquet of flowers is crazy and erotic at the same time. Both girls really enjoy their roles and provide some great entertainment along the way. If any more encouragement is needed to download this film, just check how stunningly beautiful Hikari Hino looks in her masturbation performance in Scene 4 and tell me she is not one of the sexiest girls on the planet.  [more..]


 Video Title

 The Semen Tank Loving


 Hikari Hino

 Rio Hamazaki


 Anna and Hanako

 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 6, 2017








 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 activities: titty fucking(paizuri)

 breast related: big breasts

 breast related: breast play(oppaifechi)

 orgasm related: breast cumshot

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 props: glasses(gankyou)

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 props: strap on

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: exercise

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)

 costumes/apparel: other

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)

 costumes/apparel: swimsuit(mizugi)



Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving
Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving Hikari Hino in The Semen Tank Loving


Hikari Hino

Rio Hamazaki

Scene 1:  Rio and Hikari begin by passionately french kissing in the bedroom. They are both wearing frilly maid/baby doll outfits and look fantastic. Rio starts to play with Hikari's beautiful big tits and makes her nipples stiff and tender. She moves between Hikari's legs and reveals the dirty little secret that she is hung like a horse. Hikari blushes in shame and tries to push Rio away but soon sucumbs to the delicious sensation of having her cock stroked and then sucked by Rio's artful lips and tongue. Rio begins to work on Hikari's cunt at the same time with her fingers and makes her shoot load after load of cum over both of them. Rio opens her legs and reveals her own dirty secret and Hikari goes down on her and begins to suck like a baby on a teat. Rio plays with her own tits as she moans with pleasure before letting Hikari have a big suck on her massive tits. Hikari fingers Rio's clit before taking Rio's cock up her tight slippery hole. She continues to wank her cock as she is pounded from the front and then doggy fucked through a hole in her pretty white ballet tights. Hikari rides Rio's cock and cums violently before being nailed missionary style and having her cock titty fucked at the same time. Rio withdraws and shoots a big load of cum onto Hikari's tits and it is now Rio's turn to get her pussy banged hard. Rio's massive rack bounces uncontrollably as she rides Hikari through a hole in her frilly white panties before Hikari really steps up and bangs Rio's cunt hard like a man before unloading cum on those amazing round tits. The girls kiss and cuddle to end a really hot scene.


Scene 2:  The next scene is called "wonderful masturbation" and begins with Rio playing with her huge penis and stroking her tits. She spits on her penis and then uses it to rub her huge nipples until they are big and stiff. She titty fucks herself and sucks her own cock before spreading her legs and frigging her clit through a hole in her denim shorts. Rio rubs her own cock against her cunt and licks her juice off the head of her penis. She virtually fist fucks herself as her penis expands to a massive size before it explodes over her tits. Rio rubs her clit one last time and brings herself off to end the scene.


Scene 3:  The next scene is possibly the most bizarre and is called "A Semen Tank Penis". Both girls are speaking to the camera and stroking a giant penis that is part of a formal flower arrangement. The penis begins to pump out sticky semen and the girls respond by taking out their enormous cocks and stroking them against the giant penis. They are both dressed in white baby doll costumes and soon become very sticky and wet as they cover themselves with the semen as they try to cum. Hikari tries to help Rio by sucking on her cock before they return to lovingly suck the head and shaft of the giant penis until it shoots like a giant fire hose all over them. The girls remove their dresses and rub their naked breasts against the stiff giant cock which makes it shoot more cum over hot slippery bodies. They rub their pretty asses against the cock and soon have dirty wet stains on their pants. The penis continues to gush until the girls collapse into a sticky and satisfied mess.


Scene 4:  The next scene is Hikari's masturbation piece and it is well worth waiting for. She is a real beauty and is wearing red rimmed glasses and wearing a blue one piece swimming suit with a small hole cut between her legs to allow access to her tight pussy. She has a giant cock that extends all the way up the front of her suit and emerges above her ample cleavage. She plays with the tip of her cock and then rubs her tits until her nipples are big and hard. Her penis stiffens and she licks it as she looks at the camera and tells us how horny she feels until the penis explodes and covers her body in sticky semen. Hikari reveals her hot cunt that is by now covered in a lather of sticky juice and she wildly frigs her clit before sticking a large black dildo into her red swollen pussy and bringing herself to orgasm in both her cunt and cock. She licks cum off her fingers to end a really hot scene.


Scene 5:  "Beautiful Relations" is the final scene and features both girls dressed provocatively in crotchless cotton shorts and brightly coloured stockings and white knee high socks. They begin by french kissing before Rio moves on to Hikari's beautiful tits and sucks her nipples. Hikari sucks Rio's massive jugs and then both girls start to play with their oversized cocks by rubbing them against their tits. Rio makes Hikari spread her legs to reveal her tight pussy clearly visible through a hole cut in her schoolgirl bloomers and both girls suck on each others' cocks as Rio starts to rub Hikari's clit. Rio sticks her huge cock up Hikari's cunt and and then Hikari does the same to Rio and both girls grind their pussies against each other as they desperately try to cum. Hikari starts to suck Rio's cock before spreading her legs and letting Rio finger fuck her cunt while sucking her cock at the same time. Rio starts to lick Hikari's clit and makes her cum with her tongue before smearing her cock with her pussy juices. Hikari now goes down on Rio and sticks her tongue deep in her steaming hot cunt as Rio wanks her cock and tries to bring herself off. Rio finally explodes in a fountain of cum which lathers up her tits before mounting Hikari's cock and sliding it deep up her pussy. Rio's tits were just made to bounce wildly as she thrusts her hips until Hikari actually nails her cunt with a nakadashi shot of gel which dribbles out of her pussy lips onto her shorts and stockings. Rio returns to banging Hikari's pussy and puts some real energy into her thrusts which ultimately makes both girls cum before Rio shoots a load of cum over Hikari's gorgeous tits. We move to some doggy style fucking as Rio offers her ass to Hikari who slips her cock between a hole in her shorts and stockings and starts banging her hard again like a guy. Rio squeals like a whore and brings frigs herself to orgasm before accepting a huge wad of semen from Hikari's aching cock right into her filthy mouth. Both girls finish off by rubbing their cocks together which causes them to explode violently and spray semen over their hot horny bodies to bring the film to a wild and very wet ending.


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