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 Venus Lovers

 with Momo TakaiMadoka Kikuhara




This is one long sexual encounter with two super sexy idols who like to take a walk on the Sapphic side. It's almost all real time with only a couple of cuts. There is no story, no narration, no interviews. Just you and the girls in first peroffspring POV. The actresses are both top shelf with absolutely incredible tits. My only complaint is that I nearly blew my load in the first thirty seconds. Too hot to handle! An absolute must see. [more..]


 Video Title

 Venus Lovers


 Momo Takai

 Madoka Kikuhara


 Aurora Pro

 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 December 22, 2005

 Date Updated

 July 9, 2011








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)


 Highly Recommended



Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers
Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers Momo Takai in Venus Lovers


Momo Takai

Madoka Kikuhara

Scene 1:  The sweet sweet ladies kiss and moan in bra and panties immediately, no talking, no credits, no story, just plenty of girl tongue deep in girl mouth. White bra girl seems to be the dominant and instructs pink bra girl to stick her tongue out and look at the camera. These girls are so hot, I've pitched a tent before they even get their bras off. Oh wait, here comes the first breast play. I'm not going to make it to the end of this without having to take care of myself. Bras come off and oh my god are their tits fucking incredible! They moan and squeeze and caress each others twin lovelies. Both girls have impossibly beautiful real tits.


Scene 2:  White bra girl gets behind pink bra girl and kisses her up and down and starts to play with her pussy through the cute li'l pink panties. Pink bra girl gets on all fours, ass in the camera, as the other girl kisses her ass and plays with her pussy through her panties. What an ass on this girl! Still no nudity but still hot. At long last, panties come off. Pink bra girl compliments white bra girl on her outstanding asshole and wonders aloud if she may lick it. She doesn't wait for permission, just buries her tongue deep inside it to hear ecstatic moans from her Sapphic nymph friend. She works her pussy and ass with fingers covered in lots of spit. Her pussy makes beautiful little smacking sounds as fingers stroke her mosaic covered labia. The mosaic is thin enough to make it easy to fill in the pixels however.


Scene 3:  Pink bra girl is soon on her back to get her breast sucked lustily and noisily by white bra girl. Pink bra girl reaches around to unhook her partners bra. Oh DAMN that's hot! Their bodies look even lovelier, half naked and all smooshed together. More pussy tickling follows and here comes a cute little vibrator. It matches pink bra girl's bra and panties, now long since out of the picture. White bra works the vibrator all around. Does the other girl enjoy it? I think yes. She works her to a screaming orgasm. She cannot handle the pleasure and she seems about to pass out. White bra girl takes the vibrator afterward and licks it clean like a popsicle, a goopy cream covered popsicle. She likes the taste so much she goes straight for the source and gives it a good sucking and licking.


Scene 4:  You just know some lucky guy is going to get in on the action. Oh god please let it be me. Nope, turns out to be somewhere else. I'll have to be happy just watching for now. They kiss and motion to the cameraman. It puts the viewer in the action and that's as close as I'm going to get for now. He gets his hands on both sets of breasts as the girls kiss and fondle each other like crazy. I say he, but I should say "you" as this is a first peroffspring POV video. So, "you" fondle her pussy while she fondles her pussy while she fondles your hard dick. Holy fuck. I have to remember this move. White bra girl finally gets her pussy worked by pink bra girl while you work both of them. You get up on the bed and the girls start working your cock.This is what you'd see if two hot Japanese girls were deep kissing over your cock, intermittently taking turns taking it into your mouth. Oh yeah, one will work the shaft while the other works the balls. Gotta get the whole glans covered, gents. That's it baby. One starts sucking the other ones tits. Now suck her pussy. That's right. Don't worry you get to suck their tits too. How can you not be exploding already?


Scene 5:  One girl sits behind the other, massaging her tits while you get your cock out and tease the opening of her pussy. I so have to do this before I die. You tease her lips for awhile, work her tits and finally take the plunge. She moans like crazy as you fuck her and the other girl works on her breasts and nipples. That's teamwork! She gets on top of you, fucks you cowgirl style while the other girl gets a good gander at the point of insertion and, naturally, sucks and licks your balls. One more list of the things to have done to me the next time I'm in bed with two of the hottest JAV idols. Okay, now she's licking his ass. Damn, these girls thought of everything. She spits on the cock and starts licking where shaft meets lip. That's a nice gesture. Working the clit turns out to be useful as well. She spins around and puts her ass in your face. It's like she read your mind!


Scene 6:  And TAG! Time for the next pussy. She gets her sweet self on top of you and starts pumping her hips and squeaking. The other girl graciously sits behind her and holds her tits to keep them from shaking too too hard. Of course, doggy style with one girl on all fours and the other one underneath would be swell! And the girls happily comply. This makes it much easier to switch back and forth between pussies and heck, might as well. Yup, I'm definitely going to do this. A girl gets on her back for some good old fashioned missionary. One girl tells the other girl that you're going to come inside her. She even tells her to beg for it! And she does! Listen for the word "Onegai". It means please. Who wouldn't want to grant such a sweet request and then watch the other girl suck your cum out of the freshly fucked pussy. She's even nice enough to show it to you on her tongue!


Scene 7:  Finally, the girls get on their knees to lick your well worked shaft clean of their sweet juices and your own jiz. They'll take some time off for some freedom kissing while you take a break so you can get hard again. Shouldn't take long. We're back with both girls on their knees in front of you, working shaft and balls. One girl gets the knob in her mouth while the other jerks the shaft. They press their faces together, both trying to catch as much cum as they can. They lick it off each others' faces and out of each others mouths and form a nice snowball. A perfect ending to a perfect evening!


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